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"Double/Triple" Opening Kits  Only  $385.00

Part No.

Year* & Model

Measurements In Inches**

These Double/Triple Opening  Kits are made from Heat Treated Aluminum with Stainless Control Rods, Dual Prop Rods, Alignment Pins and with all Stainless Fasteners.  Although more time to install (than our single kits), these Kits will Open the Hood three ways,  both Left and Right as well as Quick Removal of the Hood Top.  Our Aluminum Knob Control Rod System (a DFM safety design shared with our Single Hood Kits) have state-of-the-art Spring Locking Controls, which will insure your Hood Top will never unlatch unexpectedly.


23 to 31 Ford
37 to 39 Chevy

24" to 30"


32 Ford
31 to 36 Chevy

30" to 36"


33 to 36 Ford
32 & 33 Plymouth

36" to 42"

*Call for other years and models.

**Above measurements are based on the KITS mounting points between the grille shell and the firewall.

    (Note: On some years, kit & body alterations will be required)